Thursday, 30 January 2014

On harassment (a poem)

Leave me the fuck alone

No hey's, no babe, no wow look at those tits

Don't "compliment" me, I already know I look good.

Don't look me up & down like you'd devour me whole

I am not a tasty snack, I am a person.

And yes I've done the victim blaming bullshit

But no I do not bring it on myself.

My hair is not the damn problem

My outfit is not the damn problem

You are the goddamn problem

Leave me

The fuck


Monday, 27 January 2014

On what I once was (a poem)

I was once called ugly

The same people now call me beautiful

Forgetting that I'm still the same person

My growth was stunted

I look the same but perceptions changed

Who's to say they won't again

I was once called stupid

The same people now say I am so well read

Forgetting that I'm still the same person

My growth was stunted

I think the same but perceptions changed

Who's to say they won't again

I was once broken into little pieces

The same people now laud my strength

Forgetting that they damaged a person

My growth was stunted

I'm not the same

That person bleeds out

I can't keep them in

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

On Barbie vs He-Man

So I've been seeing this post circulating around Facebook. It's about how feminists have a go about Barbie being an unrealistic standard of beauty without mentioning the pedestal of hyper masculinity that is He-Man.

The irony being of course that the post does not reflect on the fact that both toys posit white skin as the highest beauty standard one should aspire for.

It also misses the fact that though hyper masculinity is indeed harmful, Barbie's life that is pushed on women is one of being pretty so to get the man and live in their big pink house with their big pink car. Whereas He-Man gets to go around saving the world and be considered a hero. Nothing wrong with women living in nice houses and being pretty at all but I'd rather that not be pushed as the one and only thing we're allowed to aspire to.

Men must give up the notion that they must always be the centre of the narrative. The fact that they insist on being so in FEMINISM (the clue my friends is in the name) is quite frankly ludicrous. Feminism should at all times centre women. Feminism does fail in many cases. It fails WOC, Trans women, non binary people, sex workers, working class women and disabled (both visibly and invisibly so) women. I am not concerned with whether it fails men as it is NOT ABOUT YOU!

But you know, soz you're butt hurt about not looking like He-Man.

Monday, 6 January 2014

On friendzoning someone (a poem)

I once friendzoned a boy.

A hetero extremely sexual boy.

A boy who claimed to love me.

Without ever having spoken to me.

He was sweet and I thought loyal.

I gave him my friendship and treasured what I thought his.

Until he told me he loved me and I declined.

His sadness was apparent and everyone blamed me

I owed

He was a nice guy.

We stayed what I thought friends until....

one night I kissed him in inebriation.

And I did indeed love him.

As a friend.

But apparently I owed

When he met a girl who would give him everything he was owed

I was pushed aside and non existent

even though his friendship meant the world to me.

My heart broken.

My soul broken.

My trust broken

but that did not matter.

Because I OWED HIM....ME!!!!




Regardless of what I felt....I owed him.


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